We have extensive experience of developing online systems that help streamline any paper based or online business activity.

Online management systems, what can it mean to you?

In short it means that Lizard Design can either assist you to save money or attract new customers by offering them the latest online features. We have the capabilities and experience to develop a system that will help streamline any paper based/online business activity or add a service that your competitors are not offering.

We work closely with our clients to build bespoke solutions from the ground up, using 20 years of experience to analyse and advise on our client’s requirements, then developing a robust and scalable solution. A number of our clients rely on us entirely, for the running of their business operations through our online solutions.

Bespoke solutions

We have worked in many different industry sectors providing custom solutions including rail replacement, airline diverts, logistics, e-commerce, sales tools, intranets, combining many of the features and technologies listed below.


To enhance the effectiveness of our ecommerce solutions we have developed a number of bespoke point of sales solutions to include quoting, ordering, stock control, PO's, repeat ordering, proofing etc.


Some of our online systems have over 20,000 users, placing orders, booking vehicles etc. we have used this invaluable database of customers to build reporting and automated emailing sales tools.

Sales team diary

To help our customers be as efficient and customer focused as they can we have developed a number of solutions incorporating staff diaries, automated task reminders, appointment tracking, conversion rate reporting etc.

Document management

Many of our systems require documents in various formats to be shared and sent to and from users and customers, we have built a number of sophisticated online libraries to manage and utilise the benefits of online file systems.


Some of our systems have included various different operations involving staff shift patterns, booking and tracking which we have extended to include sophisticated payroll reporting modules.

Content management

All systems require elements of content control from products, categories, blogs etc. but the requirements are always different. Our solution was to develop our own content management system allowing us it customise for our client’s specific needs.

System intergration

To utilise the full potential from our bespoke solutions we have built on extensive knowledge and experience of connecting to existing systems such as accounting software and making our clients data available via API's.

Analysis & reporting

Most systems hold an invaluable store of historical operations data. We have become expert’s in auditing and reporting on this data generating reports and exports that can help transform how organizations are managed.

Specialist in leveraging

Live data dynamic PDF's

Creating documents on the fly from live database data, images, signatures etc. has become an invaluable tool within our system solutions for creating elements such as work sheets, custom brochures, product details etc.

SMS Text messaging

In businesses that rely on customer and employee knowledge it is extremely useful to send important information via SMS. A number of our systems rely on our expertise within this field using bulk messaging, email to text, 2 way text authorisation.

Live mapping

Utilising mapping with Google Maps & Bing Maps is great for nearest showrooms, destination guides, point of interest, travel times and analysing of business patterns based on geographical information is an area we have built expertise in.

Import /export

Inserting and updating data and then sharing that data within a complex system can be time consuming, we have developed a number of methods to import/export large amounts of data from and to sources such as Excel.


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